Outer Banks Wedding Guild Tips for the OBX Beach Wedding

The vast majority of brides on the Outer Banks get married on the beach or sound. It’s important to plan ahead, to make sure that all necessary preparations are in order for your beach wedding ceremony.

Outer Banks Beach Wedding Tips

Here are some Outer Banks Wedding Guild tips for planning the beach wedding.

1. Beach Locations. If the OBX wedding is from Corolla to Nags Head up to the National Park Service MP 21, at Access Road, no permit is required. From Nags Head MP 21 to Buxton a $100 permit is required. Recommend that the permit be obtained at least 30 days prior to the wedding date, in order to obtain the permit in time from the National Park Service. Applications can be obtained on line. Go to www.NPS.gov. Note that weddings under National Park service do not allow any chairs, music, arch or signage. You get the beach, and that’s it.

2. Chair Vendor. Contact your chair vendor at least 3-6 months in advance of your date. Be sure to indicate to the chair vendor how you want the chairs positioned.

3. Arch/Gazebo. Contact your chair vendor or florist 3-6 months in advance of your date to determine the type of wedding arch/gazebo desired.

4. Photographer. Discuss with your photographer the location of your ceremony at least 6 months to a year from your ceremony date. They can advise on best locations for lighting and background.

5. Parking. Be sure that your location has adequate parking for your guests. Most beach access points on the Outer Banks have good parking.

6. DJ Ceremony PA and Music. If you desire to have your ceremony mic’d and use pre-recorded music, be sure that the DJ company has good battery powered speakers. Power is usually not available, and battery powered speakers with at least 400 watts is a must.

7. Refreshments. Since most summer weddings are held during hot weather, it’s advisable to have bottles of iced water for your guests.

8. Sand Ceremony. If you desire to have a sand ceremony, be sure to order the “sand ceremony” kits at least 2 months prior to your ceremony date. You can order on line. Also be sure to have a small table on hand to hold the bottles of sand.

9. Officiant. Book your officiant at least 6 months to a year ahead of your beach ceremony date. Be sure that your officiant provides you with a detailed ceremony script that covers all the items you desire in the ceremony.

10. Coordinator. A good coordinator can handle all these details. Recommend booking a coordinator at least one year ahead of your ceremony date.

That’s it. Enjoy your beach wedding. All Guild vendors have at least 10 years experience in the wedding industry. They’re happy to help you plan your wedding day. For additional information on beach ceremonies contact www.outerbanksweddingguild.com.